Future Proof Your Home Consultation

Buying or building a home in Australia, commonly referred to as the Aussie dream is becoming increasingly difficult due to housing affordability issues, housing stock choice and the changing nature of demographics as Australia tackles a large ageing population. Life expectancy is nearly double what it was a decade ago, with the number of Australians aged 65 and over expected to more than double by 2055. Increased life expectancy coupled with resource limitations and consequences associated with population growth is changing the ideal of the Aussie home.

Homes for the future have an evolving “must have” checklist that now considers and includes emerging social, financial, environmental and lifestyle necessities. It just makes financial and lifestyle sense when building a home to incorporate forever functionality with savvy design insights where possible.

Chat 1:1 with Melissa Wittig, Author of “The Smart Living Handbook” to discuss various ways the design of your home can contribute to lasting functionality and avoid possible future “brown discounting”.

Consultations available by phone (Aus) or Skype (Aus & International), click here for more info.