Healthy Home Consultation

Who doesn’t want a healthy home!

This consult is an opportunity to discuss many ways the health of a home can be improved. Often we go about our days with little time to stop and think about how products in our home are made, what materials are used and how these things may impact on the health of the home environment. Not forgetting how we live in our houses and the things that we may be using or doing that could be having a negative impact on the indoor environment.

Manufacturing of products in Australia is not regulated to ensure that labelling of (often hazardous) chemicals used in the manufacturing process of everyday household products are fully disclosed on labels when product is sold. Therefore as consumers, we need to question what ingredients are in the products we have in our home such as paints/coatings, textiles, cookware, homewares, furniture and consumables.

Learn the 3 things to consider when making decisions in and around the home that will help keep your home a healthier place!

It is time consuming researching the many things in our home environment that we need to be wary of. This consult is an opportunity get up to speed quickly as to things you can do right now to improve the health of your home. Chat 1:1 with health focused Interior Designer , Melissa Wittig who has done considerable research in this sector and shared this in her published award recognised book “The Smart Living Handbook“.

Consultations available via phone (AUS) or skype (AUS & International) , click here for more information.