At Healthy Interiors we are very aware that our individual and collective daily decisions potentially culminate to impact on our environment in a variety of ways.

We are actively working towards reducing the environmental impact of our activities, and encouraging others to do the same.

Our policies guide our selection criteria of products, services and activities within Healthy Interiors. We have developed these policies to meet our objectives of being an environmentally responsible business and they allow us to work consistently with our team, suppliers and customers to continually reduce not just our own, but others, environmental impacts.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

We aim to continually manage and reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Preventing pollution & minimising the use of pollutants to improve our environmental impact.
  • Keeping our energy usage to a minimum and by being as efficient as possible.
  • Reducing waste by not creating it in the first place, then reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible.
  • Purchasing sustainable products and services & low emission office products where possible.
  • For as long as possible operate our business through our own home offices to better utilise current buildings and resources and to reduce transport requirements & emissions.
  • Continue to research and inquire about new products, materials and finishes that will help us do what we already do better and assist us to provide our clients with the same information.


Green & Healthy Operations Policy

At Healthy Interiors we are aware of the influence we can extend to both our own organisation, and to consumers in relation to product & material choices and supply chain impacts. We aim to seek out products, materials and services in the most environmentally responsible manner possible and actively encourage and support suppliers and products who exercise environmentally sustainable practices.

We aim to increase our use of environmentally responsible goods and services by assessing our needs and project needs with the following criteria :

  • Highest energy and/or water efficiency ratings suitable for the application.
  • Products from environmentally responsible organisations.
  • The use of products that are independently certified through either Good Environmental Choice Awards (GECA) or Eco Specifier.
  • Businesses that offer products, materials and services that consider the combined impacts of environmental and human health aspects of their product or service.


Moving forward …

Healthy Interiors recognises and values that beyond our own actions we have an opportunity to encourage and inspire those around us to embrace sustainability practices into their daily lives and homes.  We aim to consistently use & share our knowledge, expertise and experience to encourage others to embrace practices that will protect the integrity of our environment. We will continue to monitor best practice in sustainable products and services and adjust where possible.