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Founder & Principal of Healthy Interiors Melissa Wittig has combined Interior Design knowledge, qualifications and experience with many years of research into minimising pollutants in the home environment. Melissa has shared her knowledge over the years with clients, in magazines, on radio & tv and has presented at various industry interior/building events. Melissa is also Author of the award recognised book, “The Smart Living Handbook“, an innovative collection of information that aims to assist families to create sustainable, healthy homes.

Chat directly with Melissa via Skype (AUS & International) or phone (AUS only)!  These consultations are suited to anyone who would like to improve the health of their home, however we have found that there are circumstances in life where this information is of particular interest ;

  • Building
  • Renovating
  • Expecting a baby
  • Family with small children
  • Family with allergies/asthma challenges
  • Health challenges – endocrine (hormone) related
  • Health and/or environmentally conscientious
  • Savvy property investors

Melissa currently works with organisations in the Design & Property sectors integrating her knowledge within the housing sector & consulting with industry. This is the ONLY way you can currently book a consultation with Melissa.