Get your very own healthy home assistant
for less than a cup of coffee!

Is your home a healthy space for your family ?
Is your home making you ill ?

With the increase in asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities and other illnesses related to indoor pollutants a healthy home has never been more important.  Take a walk through your home and complete the quiz to identify health assets and challenges. Discover tips and resources to help you create a healthy home for your family.

This App is an easy to use tool for expectant mothers, parents, those fighting illness and people who care about their health.

Take action and create a home that promotes wellbeing for your family.

The Healthy Home App helps families worldwide assess and create a non toxic home environment that prevents illness and promotes wellbeing. Use your healthy home App to assess each room in your home to determine potential assets and challenges to achieving healthy spaces. Create a checklist for one or multiple houses. Walk through your home and take the quiz that provides tips for every question and gain insights from the global links. Take notes and collect photos for your reference. Create your asset and challenges results to get started in making changes to suit your budget.

Key Features of the Healthy Home App :
– Create multiple checklists as needed
– Take the interactive quiz that will highlight health issues to consider in your home
– Identify healthy home assets and challenges in your rooms
– Create notes
– Take photos
– Create asset and challenge reports

Would you benefit from the APP ?
– Expecting a baby and wanting to create a healthy home
– Families with children wanting to minimise indoor pollutants
– Renovating and want to create a healthy home
– Experiencing illness and want to reduce pollutants in your home
– You value good health and want to prevent illness

Further to diet and exercise creating a healthy home is the next significant thing individuals can do to promote wellbeing.  A healthy home is a win for your health and the health of the environment.

What the creative team said :

“creating a healthy home is achievable once a few key principles are followed.  The App was designed to provide fast, accessible guidance and tips as to things to consider throughout a home so that families can take action and feel empowered by information”. 

“the App is something I would have valued when I was expecting my children, I would have liked to have saved years of research and averted exposing my kids to many of the household pollutants that they have encountered because of my lack of knowledge at the time”.

“All parents want the best for their children, this App makes it easy to make good household and related lifestyle decisions that can make a positive impact on long term family health”

Be empowered and get started today !