Colour Consultation

Colour is an essential consideration when decorating. Combining colours in an environment through the application of paint, soft furnishings and decorator items changes the way a person feels about a space.

We all respond differently to colour. Colour psychology studies have revealed that colour creates an emotional response in all of us. Therefore colour selection must take into consideration the purpose of the space and the desired response.

We all have a colour personality preference. When we undertake a colour consult we carefully assess the space and the occupants colour preferences.

When consulting on a home interior we aim to select colours that rejuvenate the occupants with consideration to existing furniture and lighting conditions.

When colour consulting on commercial spaces we aim to select colours that will evoke emotional responses beneficial to the work environment and customer perception while considering the space, furniture and lighting conditions.

What is a colour consult?

We meet at the location of your project for the consult where possible.
You may like to bring along images of schemes and colour samples that you like.

If you don’t have anything to bring along that’s no problem at all we can establish what you like through discussion.

During the consult we will discuss your project, your vision if you have one and discuss ideas and suitable colour schemes. Colour fan decks will be used to discuss and select colours.

After the consult a summary of the meeting will be prepared back in the office and emailed or posted to you along with colour sample cards (as available) for your reference.

What is an online colour consult?

If your project is not in the Melbourne area we also offer online colour consultations.

Photos of your project to be emailed to us, along with any plans if they are available.  After these are received a telephone or skype meeting would be arranged to discuss your project the same as we would do in person.

After the meeting a colour scheme would be devised.
A summary of details will be emailed to you and colour sample cards posted for your reference (if in Australia) or emailed.

This consult is $250 for the first hour and $100 hr exceeding the first hour thereafter.

Please call to discuss your needs on (03) 9444 6904.