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It is an exciting time in the property sector!

Emerging product technologies are providing consumers with a range of products that help decrease the operating costs of a property. There is also a ground swell of manufacturers and suppliers who have been listening to the plethora of information out there that toxins in the home can impact on health.

With manufacturers exploring and providing materials and finishes with reduced toxicity and products available that can help reduce bill costs of a home it is an exciting time for the property sector.

Developers and builders have an opportunity to build amazing homes that have reduced environmental impacts, provide occupants with less operating costs and create indoor environments with minimised pollutants to support occupant wellbeing.

Builders, Developers and Real Estate professionals can only speculate that families want these types of homes available to buy or rent. We want to give you a voice and eliminate the speculation. If you would value living in a home that has sustainable, healthy features we would love you to share your voice to help us tell the industry – so that we can help shape communities with better living conditions, reduced bills, less toxins, healthier homes and healthier families. We know this is what families want but we need your voice to make it happen. It would be great if you could take 2 minutes to complete a very short survey (& tell your friends about it!)

Whether you rent or own your own home we would love to share your thoughts across the board table in our meetings with Stakeholders !

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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Melissa Wittig

Melissa Wittig is a 'health' focused Interior Designer, Owner of Healthy Interiors, App author of The Healthy Home App, writer, speaker and mum. As a healthy home advocate Melissa consults with organisations and clients in the property, architectural, building & private sectors in relation to design and lifestyle factors that contribute to creating healthy interiors and sustainable living. She writes about aspects of creating a healthy home at, stop by to download the free healthy home ebook or connect with Healthy Interiors on Facebook or Instagram.

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