Are we living a Human Experiment?

Celebrity Sean Penn and a production house in the USA have released a film providing a great visual summary as to the many issues Healthy Interiors has been passionate about for many years.

The Human Experiment film  is a shocking and personal examination of our current world of consumerism and the consequences to human health due to current chemical laws and lack of commercial transparency. The film provides an insight into the current chemical landscape within the USA, delves into personal stories and collates a snap shot of statistics as to how life has changed and the relevance to increases in many illnesses and disease.

Although the film was made in the USA this film also represents the same challenges of our Australian way of life and chemical integration into the products we buy on a daily basis. As consumers we are time poor, juggling family, work and lifestyle demands leaves us little time to delve into the complexities of manufacturing and marketing secrets.

The Human Experiment film will likely challenge the way you view your freedom and comfort of “choice”. Two of the comments woven into the film that resonate here are :
”Chemicals are innocent until proven guilty” and “Consumers do think that someone, somewhere is protecting us”.

While there are many interesting facts and grounding insights from this film the take home message is that money makes the world go around and as a consumer of goods from personal care products to building materials, each one of us needs to develop an enquiring mind for self preservation and family health.

If you get the chance to see the film its a great opportunity to cram considerable insights into minutes… The film generally focuses on concerns and what needs fixing which can be a little depressing if left hanging with the thoughts of …What now!
If heading off to the film be sure to remember that knowledge is empowering and while we may be living in times of a human experiment, information is key to a quality, healthy life. The Human Experiment film release has coincided perfectly with Healthy Interiors release of “How to” resources. Healthy Interiors has released The Smart Living Handbook providing pages of insights, strategies and tips to help families create a sustainable, healthy home and minimise pollutants where possible. Healthy Interiors has also launched a Member Hub assisting families to connect with information and resources – including a voucher hub!

If you have any thoughts as to further resources we may be able to offer you here at Healthy Interiors, we would love to hear from you 🙂

Melissa Wittig

Melissa Wittig is a 'health' focused Interior Designer, Owner of Healthy Interiors, App author of The Healthy Home App, writer, speaker and mum. As a healthy home advocate Melissa consults with organisations and clients in the property, architectural, building & private sectors in relation to design and lifestyle factors that contribute to creating healthy interiors and sustainable living. She writes about aspects of creating a healthy home at, stop by to download the free healthy home ebook or connect with Healthy Interiors on Facebook or Instagram.

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