Ten tips to keep your floor looking great!

Whittle Wax has kindly shared some of their tips that can assist families to minimise damage to their floors. Taking care of your flooring helps keep a home looking great while minimising maintenance and the associated costs.


  1. Doormats at all exterior doors, to trap dirt and grit from outdoors before it gets to the floor.
  2. Checking the soles of your shoes for gravel and grit caught in the treads.
  3. All ‘moveable’ pieces of furniture need soft clean pads on the bottom of legs or supports.
  4. Rubber feet on items – such as dining room chairs.
  5. Apply floor protector pads to heavy items of furniture.
  6. Always remember to pick up furniture rather than slide it across the floor.
  7. Floor guards enable you to move your appliances forward for servicing without gouging your floor.
  8. Some areas always experience more wear than others (example: under the office chairs) Use thin non slip protective mats in these areas.
  9. Rugs can be used in high-traffic areas to minimize damage. Make sure any rugs are kept clean and dry. Have them shaken out and vacuumed regularly.
  10. High heels concentrate a person’s weight on a small point (60kg person = approx150kg per sq. cm when taking a normal step). This kind of force can damage many types of flooring, fracturing ceramic tiles and perforating vinyl, as well as denting wood floors. While high heels in good repair may not damage wood floors, discourage high heels where practical.
  11. Spills from the food and liquids are usually no problem if wiped up in good time.

When looking to buy new floor coverings consider the following :

  • Durability
  • Users needs
  • Where the material comes from and how it is made
  • Any chemical treatments used – opt for minimial toxicity
  • Any coatings on the flooring – opt for low emission (consider coverage rates and product quantity used when comparing)

You can read more about the Whittle Wax range of products in the Featured Products section – https://www.healthyinteriors.com.au/featured-products/floor-coatings-whittle-waxes/

Melissa Wittig

Melissa Wittig is a 'health' focused Interior Designer, Owner of Healthy Interiors, App author of The Healthy Home App, writer, speaker and mum. As a healthy home advocate Melissa consults with organisations and clients in the property, architectural, building & private sectors in relation to design and lifestyle factors that contribute to creating healthy interiors and sustainable living. She writes about aspects of creating a healthy home at www.healthyinteriors.com.au, stop by to download the free healthy home ebook or connect with Healthy Interiors on Facebook or Instagram.

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